Happy Pride Month!

Celebrating Pride Month. Back view of two people; one is draped in the Progress flag, the other has a standard rainbow flag draped around their shoulders

This month is an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate LGBTQ+ Pride. One of the most effective ways to support and include LGBTQ+ professionals is for the business community to facilitate meaningful opportunities for people from all backgrounds to flourish and succeed. This month, reflect on what you can do as an individual and as a community to support and encourage diversity in the workforce.

At Queue Associates EMEA, we are proud of our workplace culture which inspires everyone to act with the kindness and respect that every individual deserves. Here are some resources for further learning this Pride Month:

Read up on LGBT+ people making change happen here:

Challenges Faced by LGBT+ Individuals in the Workplace:

Guidance on Supporting LGBTQ+ Colleagues at Work:

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