Drive unified commerce by increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty by delivering a consistent shopping experience across stores, web, mobile, and call centers.

Enable Omni-Channel buying giving customers the convenience and flexibility to buy in-shop, pick up in other locations, or get home delivery through optimized ordering and fulfillment tools.

Increase brand loyalty enablling customers to earn and redeem points, and use gift cards and promotional coupons across channels.

Create a modern shop experience by delivering exceptional customer service by meeting customers expectations by using tools to access real-time product, customer, share and order visibility.

Tailor product selections and recommendations through advanced analytics that provide the best of both online and in-shop shopping.

Optimise shop operations by gaining insights through automation and business intelligence dashboards that manage reports, schedulling, time tracking and sales.

Effectively manage merchandise by streamline sourcing and replenishment by acquiring inventories from correct vendors and the correct price, allocating and replenishing stores based on season, market demand and competitive pressures.

Manage product demands by offering the right products in the correct channels at the right prices by centrally tracking product information, categories, assortment and pricing.

Amplify sales and promotions to target products and promotions by category, channel, season, loyalty and tiers to impact revenue.

Optimise operations through insights by maximising business impact by reducing fulfillment costs, improve share utilisation and efficiently manage business operations by using customer and operational insights.

Speed up end-of-day and closing activities faster using automated and streamlined workflows.

Increase inventory visibility to manage share counts enablling correct level of inventories at the correct locations.

Meet changing business needs to drive actions to support multi-company, multi-brand and multi-channel global operations.

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