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Written by Martyn Hall

Customer Introduction

TymeGroup is a multi-country digital banking group for emerging markets. The company focuses on high-tech and high-touch digital financial services. They offer a cloud-based banking stack that’s comprised of a revolutionary credit decision engine and customer-centric financial fitness tools. TymeGroup currently has operations in Singapore, Vietnam and South Africa.

The Situation

As a digital bank in the fintech industry, TymeGroup has grown exponentially since its founding in 2012. They reached 3.5 million customers in South Africa in 2021. TymeGroup continues to extend its services to different global regions, having recently launched a new brand in the Philippines. They also have an additional direct digital banking offering called GoTyme (a Gokongwei Group and TymeGroup fintech venture).

In 2021, the TymeGroup team sought a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support their new GoTyme Bank Philippines launch. Their goal is to grow and expand into different regions. In addition to standard ERP services, this new system would have to feature strong enterprise asset management capabilities to monitor, maintain and manage TymeGroup’s unique full-service banking kiosks.

Selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

TymeGroup’s team identified Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 as a potential solution stack to meet their needs, however, they were unsure which product offering would fit them. The company was utilizing (and continues to use today) Mambu, a leading SaaS cloud banking platform that integrates with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. This cloud-based Microsoft solution was an optimal choice. TymeGroup’s team also leveraged Microsoft 365 for email, messaging, creation and collaboration. Consequently, they desired a familiar interface from the new ERP system.

The Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management

Queue Associates Worldwide and TymeGroup held an introductory meeting to discuss their business requirements for the upcoming GoTyme Bank project in the Philippines and other worldwide offices. TymeGroup initially considered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for its ERP system because of its integration with the Mambu platform. However, due to their complex asset management and localization requirements, Queue Associates Worldwide recommended that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management would be a more appropriate fit.

In conjunction with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management provides extensive capabilities to support the specific banking certification requirements for this deployment in the Philippines and associated entities.

Queue Associates Worldwide conducted a second, more detailed discovery session with TymeGroup’s stakeholders to better understand the functional and technical requirements and current challenges for the GoTyme Bank Philippines launch. This enabled Queue Associates Worldwide to develop a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management ERP implementation blueprint.

In addition to the specialized need for seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and Mambu cloud services, GoTyme’s new system would have to track bank kiosk assets by location and components within these assets by serial number. Queue Associates Worldwide accomplished this complex function by customizing an interface that connected GoTyme’s Internet of Things (IoT) devices at each kiosk to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This connection triggered automated responses for reactive maintenance requests.

What Are the Results?

  • GoTyme estimates it now saves 40% in human resource time for asset and component tracking (previously performed manually) following Queue Associates Worldwide’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. These automated functions for the newly launched GoTyme Bank Philippines have become the industry standard for the company’s outlets and teams in the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and Hong Kong.
  • Effectively tracking assets, asset location, asset components by serial number, warranty information and the location of inventory for spare parts have enabled GoTyme to service their banking kiosks better. This collective service provides 99.9% availability to customers in all of GoTyme’s locations throughout its APAC and EMEA regions.

“Queue Associates Worldwide brought their expertise to support GoTyme that enabled us to focus on our business outcomes rather than the process and development. Together we were able to put together a new ERP platform with global reach.”
– Chris Bennett, CTO, GoTyme

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