Tenerife: The Unexpected Muse

Tenerife: The Unexpected Muse with a headshot of author Martyn Hall

Have you ever wondered about the connection between the sunny island of Tenerife and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central? I hadn’t until recently, so read on because we’re about to embark on a fun-filled journey to uncover this mystery!

Tenerife: The Birthplace of Business Central

Instead of the usual Easter Egg hunt, I spent an entire week in Tenerife, digging into the roots of Business Central. This robust ERP system, trusted by a whopping 15,000 customers (and counting!) in 2021 [Dynamics 365 Business Central reaches 15K cloud customers with user count rising even faster |], has fascinating ties to this island paradise.

A Tale of Two Terrains: The ERP & CRM Connection

Tenerife is a land of contrasts, boasting arid deserts and luscious jungles. Could it be that Microsoft saw these two sides of the island and thought, “Why not blend CRM and ERP elements into one business application?” Interesting thought, isn’t it?

Small Island, Big Ambitions: The Teide Inspiration

Business Central, often seen as an SMB offering and an entry point to ERP, stands tall like Teide, Spain’s highest peak at 3,718 metres  (about 2.31 miles) above sea level. It proves that size does not limit potential. It’s a small island with a towering peak, much like Business Central, which is a solution for SMBs that can compete with the big guns!

365 Volcanoes: A Fiery Alignment with Dynamics 365

Did you know Tenerife is home to around 360 volcanoes? While the exact number is up for debate, it’s not a stretch to round that up to 365, right? That sounds like a perfect match for Dynamics 365 Business Central! I will caveat this and say that when I checked online for details backing this up, the numbers never came close to 360, and this is what locals told me.

Wrapping Up: The Tenerife Connection

So, was the name just picked out of a hat, or does someone from the Business Central team have a soft spot for the island? Who knows? But spotting these fun connections has been an interesting layer to my holiday! Plus, my hotel was using Business Central so Tenerife may be the testing ground and one of the earliest adopters of the system.

In conclusion, Tenerife is a fantastic island, and I should start invoicing for my investigative work and deep dive into Business Central. What do you think?

So, the next time you’re using Business Central, remember the sunny island of Tenerife and its towering volcanoes.

Name source: Microsoft gets ready to roll out its ‘Tenerife’ cloud ERP service for SMBs | ZDNET


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